Mehr Cam Pars Laboratory, with skilled and experienced personnel, has been established with a view to promoting quality level and controlling the manufactured parts. This center has different sections including polymer and paint materials, metallurgy, metrology, and seat performance. Among the tests performed in this center we can mention seat performance, sunlight, and water and aerial cycles. This laboratory has confirmations from standard institution, France Renault, and SAPCO. Moreover, Mehr Cam Pars Laboratory is ready / able to provide services to all part manufacturer / manufacturer / producer s in the framework of Peugeot, Renault, ISO and ASTM standards.
Laboratory Activities
• Metal tests
- Vickers hardness measurement
- Salt spray (salt-water solution spray) with confirmation of Renault and in accordance with 17025 requirements and SAPCO
- Coverage thickness measurement
• Paint and polymer chemical tests
- Sun light
- Atmosphere conditions cycle / climate tests
- Mfr – ash density and percentage
- Tensile and stress tests
- Corrosion tests including rotational TABER
- Paint assessment, orange skin / orange peel, paint stickiness, and paint humidity
• Durability performance tests
- Airbag test
- Seat durability performance tests
- Ampere, lighter, fuse box, central lock, relays and dashboard box
• Accurate Dimensions Measurement (Metrology)