This unit consists of the following sections:
1. Product Design Department
• Three-dimensional design of primary model of product
• Design of wooden and clay model and three-dimensional print of interior and exterior parts in sampling / Prototyping unit
• Designing and analyzing components with CATIA-AUTOCAD- ABAQUS-MOLDFLOW engineering software.
2. Product Engineering Department
• Design and change of new and manufactured / current products in auto and non-auto fields
• Preparing product two-dimensional and three-dimensional drawings according to customer sample
• Codification and documentation of product BOM
• Codification and documentation of product quality / engineering documents according to APQP process.
3. New Products Quality Engineering Department
• Design and manufacture of checking fixtures
• Codification, updating and execution of all laboratorial tests requested by customer
• Documentation of all product quality documents according to APQP process
4. Material Engineering Department
• Codification of material properties based on standard
• Investigating and proposing polymer materials in auto and non-auto parts
• Consultation on the proposal of consumed materials
• Analyzing and studying the results obtained from laboratorial tests of materials and parts
5. Mold and Instrumentation Engineering Department
• Design and manufacture of plastic, metal and foam injection molds
• Consultation and holding specialized commission on bumper, dashboard and seat molds
• Management of the project for manufacturing bumper and dashboard molds outside the country and preparing TTS-RFQ
• Amendment / modification and renovation of the existing molds resulting from engineering changes and customer demand
6. Technology Engineering Department
• Study and investigation of engineering technology needed for manufacturing current and new products
• Engineering feasibility study about the needed process for manufacturing new products
• Consultation and preparation of RFQ for manufacturing and purchasing equipment and machinery with new technology