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Brief Introduction of Mehr Cam Pars

Mehr Cam Pars Company was founded / has been founded in 1990 and started its activity in 1993 under the name of Polymer Parts Design and Engineering Company with a capital of 1,000,000, divided into 100 shares each worth Rls. 10,000. This company is a manufacturer / manufacturer / producer   of auto external / exterior auto parts, auto internal / interior auto parts, air conditioning system, and seat in Peugeot 206, Roa, Pars, 405, 207, Samand, Soren, Rana, Dena, Tondar 90 (L90), Renault Megan, Tiana, Ghashghaei / QashQai, Nisan Maxima, Xantia, Pride, Suzuki, Grandvitara, Haima, and Dang Feng / Dong Feng, with reliance on new technology of polymer materials.
As one of the biggest manufacturer / producer s of auto decorative parts in the Middle East with two sites of Binalood Khorasan and Kermanshah, Mehr Cam Pars utilizes diverse shaping methods and polymer processing for manufacturing auto internal and external / interior and exterior auto parts decorative parts.
Furthermore, all projects including design, mold making, and production instrumentation are executed in Mehr Cam Pars. We have focused on the satisfaction of customer needs and expectation with reliance on the most recent technologies and the best quality system.