About Mehrcampars

Brief History of Mehr Cam Pars
Mehr Cam Pars Company was founded in 1990 and started its activity in 1993 under the name of Polymer Parts Design and Engineering Company. In 1995, the company joined the group of auto parts manufacturer / producer s by primary production of Peugeot 405 bumper and Peykan dashboard with 61 personnel. In the next years, Iran Khodro Industrial Group gradually entrusted Mehr Cam Pars with the production of bumper, dashboard, air conditioning system and seat.
In 1996, air conditioning system was added to the products of Mehr Cam Pars. In 1999, the company equipped salons / plant 10, 12 and 14 with polymer parts painting cabins in manual form and, in 2001, made a long-term planning in line with globalization in this field of activity. During this period, the company purchased and operated site no. 2 of Tehran (south site) with an area of 100000 square meters in order to develop the production and executive activities of its new projects. In 2001, the company operated \ launched robotic paint line.
In 2004, the nature of company changed to public joint stock company. In the same year, Kermanshah site (West Mehr Cam Pars) was operated in line with creation of more job opportunities and production of air conditioning parts and wire set of different cars. At present, this site also manufactures decorative parts such as bumper and dashboard thanks to development of Kermanshah Iran Khodro. In 2005, Mehr Cam Pars took an step towards globalization by obtaining ISO/TS 16949 Quality Management System Certificate from IMQ of Italy. In the same year, the project of manufacturing Tondar 90 decorative parts was started in the company and consequently Renault Pars became the main and fixed customer of Mehr Cam Pars.
In 2006, Mehr Cam Pars, in collaboration with Khorasan Iran Khodro, established a site for manufacturing decorative parts of the cars manufactured in this company and started the mass production of Tondar 90 decorative parts in 2007.
In 2012, Mehr Cam Pars obtained ISO14000 and OHSAS 180001 certifications in line with environmental activities. In 2013, the company developed its production and sale by adopting the expansion / develop policy which led to 250% sale growth in 2014 (5800 billion) and share value increase by 7 times compared to the preceding year.
In 2017, Mehr Cam Pars established its site in Khorasan Binalood Industrial Estate with a view to improving the process of its activities. In the same year, in line with the promotion and excellence of the organization, the company obtained IATF 16949:2016 Auto Quality Management System certification from IMQ of Italy. Moreover, the company obtained Grade A from SAPCO in 2018.
As a member of supply chain of Iran Khodro Industrial Group and as the biggest manufacturer / producer  of auto decorative parts in Iran with a capital of 828,000 Million Rials, with an area of 143,047 square meters, and with 2700 specialized / expert personnel, Mehr Cam Pars intends to become the biggest trade partner of domestic and foreign auto manufacturer / producer s in the field of design, production and supply of auto decorative parts in target markets up to 2025.
Mehr Cam Pars has the following production lines:
• Auto external decorative parts / exterior decorative auto parts production lines, including bumper, mirror frame, spoiler and door handle
• Auto internal decorative parts / interior decorative auto parts production lines including door cover, dashboard and consul
• Seat manufacturing lines
• Ventilation system / AC system production lines
The appreciable trust of the managers of national auto industry in high capability of internal parts supply chain made us more committed and responsible to the future of this industry and motivated us to provide high-level technical, engineering and production services in line with the trust of this industry. By offering new projects, improving the production quality, and enhancing work efficiency, Mehr Cam Pars not only guaranteed the trust of customers but also added new international partners to its market in line with the achievement of its strategic goals by developing international links and entering into strategic partnership contracts and convinced big auto manufacturer / producer s to cooperate with one of the most powerful auto part manufacturer / producer s. We believe that we are able to bring the confidence and value to our customers thanks to our superior knowledge in design and engineering, our advanced laboratory which meets the global standards, and our production technology according to the latest technologies of the Europe. We are the biggest member of supply chain of Iran Khodro Industrial Group and the biggest manufacturer / producer of auto decorative parts (dashboard, bumper, seat, door cover and air conditioning system) in the country. Our strategic goal is to become one of the biggest suppliers of auto polymer decorative parts by developing domestic and foreign markets.
Mehr Cam Pars Kermanshah Site
Kermanshah Site, with an area of 10 hectares, started its activity in the field of manufacturing auto internal and external decorative parts / interior and exterior auto parts and different kinds of wire sets from 2002 at Faraman Industrial Estate located at 17 Km distant from Kermanshah City (including production salons with an area of 7500 square meters). This site is expanded / developed in proportion with development of Iran Khodro Kermanshah. In this site, rear bumper wire sets of Pars, Samand and Soren cars are also produced for customers.
Thanks to its closeness / as proximity to Arab countries, Turkey and other countries of / in the region, Kermanshah site has achieved a significant share of economic relations with the said / mentioned countries.
Mehr Cam Pars Khorasan Site
Khorasan site was established in November 2006 at Iran Khodro Site and became independent in 2017. At present, this site is located at Binalood Industrial Estate with an area of 15,378 square meters (including 7300 square meters of production and administrative space) and is one of the biggest suppliers of internal and exterior / interior and exterior decorative parts of the cars manufactured by Iran Khodro Khorasan. Mehr Cam Pars Binalood production capacity increases according to customer demand.
At present, this site manufactures / produces dashboard, seat and bumper of GLX, 405, and SLX 405 cars as well as polymer items of Haima S5, Haima S7 and Suzuki Vitara cars. We are going to establish auto polymer items paint line in the near future in order to cover the entire paint capacity of polymer items of Iran Khodro Khorasan. Khorasan site has the daily assembly capacity of over 500 sets of seat, dashboard and bumper.