About Mehrcampars

About Mehrcampars
Mehrcampars Company was founded in 1990 with a view to designing and engineering auto decorative parts. In 1993, the company joined the manufacturers of auto polymer decorative parts of Iran Khodro Industrial Group. Mehrcampars manufactures internal and external parts, air conditioning system and seat for Peugeot 206, Roa, Pars, Peugeot 405, Peugeot 207, Samand, Soren, Rana, Dena, Renault Logan (90L), Renault Megan, Tiana, Ghashghaei, Nissan Maxima, Xantia, Pride, Suzuki and Grand Vitara Cars. The products of Mehrcampars are based on modern polymer technology.
The history of Mehrcampars Company can be divided into four periods:
First Period (1993-1994): Designing and Engineering
In this period, the company worked in the field of designing and engineering plastic injection molds and management of polymer parts production projects.
Second Period (1995-1998): Designing, Engineering and Assembling
In this period, the company designed and manufactured the molds and then entrusted the production of parts to contractors under its constant supervision. Afterwards, the company manufactured the final products. In effect, start and end operations in the production cycle were executed by Mehr Kam Pars Company.
Third Period (1999-2001): Designing, Engineering and Manufacturing
In this period, the company made long-term planning in line with international goals. In order to develop and extend its production and executive activities, the company purchased and operated site no. 2 of Tehran with an area of 100,000 square meters. Among the unique characteristics of this site are the industrial shed with an area of 15,000 and height of 17 m, a heavy 50-ton rail crane, maintenance and repair equipment, additional injection production lines, cover and dashboard. Considering the broad spectrum of activities in the field of metal and plastic handles, EPP, slush, foam and the like, Mehr Kam Pars is equipped with a specialized maintenance and repair site with the ability to provide necessary services to customers.
Mehrcampars has advanced polymer laboratories, particularly for performance and airbag tests, under cold and hard conditions, with environmental and warm temperature, according to the most recent standards of the world, using the institutionalized technical knowledge.
In 2005, Mehrcampars established Kermanshah site in the west of country with a view to localizing HVAC production and creating occupational opportunities in Kermanshah Province. At present, the company intends to localize other products needed by Iran Khodro Site of Kermanshah.
In 2005, Mehrcampars established Binalood Site located in the east of country with a view to localizing the production of dashboard, seat, colored polymers, and HVAC and meeting customer needs in the vehicles manufactured by Iran Khodro Site of Khorasan.
At present, Mehrcampars is the biggest manufacturer of auto parts and has the biggest market share in the storage of auto parts. Thanks to manufacturing different types of auto decorative sets, the company continues to be the biggest manufacturer in this industry.
This company began its activity from 1993 as a design and manufacturing company. Within less than three years, the company expanded its activities in the field of manufacturing auto parts as well as the required tools and equipment and developed into an advanced company with great engineering abilities in the field of manufacturing quality products and developing big projects. Thanks to this achievement, the company managed to enhance its market share, increase its sales, and increase the diversity of its products. Using the most recent technologies and technical knowledge of the world, combined with the best quality control system, Mehrcampars has successfully met customer needs and expectations as well as the satisfaction of big auto manufacturers of the country with best quality, price and punctuality.
Thanks to the trust of auto industry managers in the ability of domestic manufacturers, we felt more responsible for the future of this industry and enhanced our technical, engineering and production abilities. By developing new projects, improving product quality and enhancing the efficiency, not only we guaranteed the trust of customers but also we attracted new international partners. By developing international linkages and strategic collaborations and entering into strategic contracts, we managed to achieve our strategic goals and convince big auto manufacturers to cooperate with Mehrcampars as the top manufacturer of auto parts. Owing to our modern knowledge in design and engineering, the advanced laboratory which complies with the most recent standards of the world,  and the most recent technologies in the field of manufacturing auto parts, we are able to meet the needs of our customers in any point of the world. Mehrcampars is the biggest member of supply chain of Iran Khodro Industrial Group and is the biggest manufacturer of auto decorative parts (dashboard, buffer, seat and air conditioning) in Iran. This company intends to develop into one of the biggest manufacturers of polymer auto decorative parts by extending its domestic and international markets.
Subsidiaries of Mehrcampars
Kermanshah Site
Kermanshah Site of Mehrcampars Company, with an area of 100,000 square meters, manufactures different kinds of handle, plastic parts and air conditioning system. This site also intends to manufacture decorative parts for Samand Car as soon as Iran Khodro Company begins its activity in Kermanshah.
Khorasan Site
Khorasan site, with an area of 30,000 square meter, is located in Binalood, Khorasan Province. This company manufactures and assembles seat, dashboard and buffer for Peugeot 405, GLX and Pars cars and has developed into the main supplier of Iran Khodro Company of Khorasan.
Mehrcampars Applied Science University
To promote the scientific level of its staff and develop the linkage between science and industry, Mehrcampars teaches different fields connected with manufacturing activities, including painting, plastic, electricity, electronics, precision instruments, industrial drafting, and quality control of auto parts.
Mehrcampars Agency in Iran Khodro (Tehran)
This agency provides timely services to customers and prevents any stoppage in client production lines.