Integrated Management System Policy
Document Code: QAL-QM-2
Revision No.: 14
Date: Apr. 7, 2021
Mehr Kam Pars Company supplies decorative and complementary auto parts with superior quality and competitive price along with simultaneous engineering, constant innovation and best services. In line with fulfillment of auto industry requirements through constant improvement of quality system structure and manufactured products, the company has adopted integrated management system of ISO14001:2015,OHSAS 18001:2007, ISO 9001:2015, IATF 16949:2016. In doing so, Mehr Kam Pars has made its best efforts for efficient implementation of this system in line with the achievement of the following goals:
  • Providing quality products in conformity with approved standards
  • Enhancing satisfaction of clients and beneficiaries
  • Ontime delivery of products to clients
  • Planning and moving towards zero defect
  • Defining and implementing processes, information systems and IT infrastructures with a view to facilitating qualitative interactions
Environment, Safety and Health:
  • Compliance with safety, health and environmental rules and standards associated with organization activities
  • Prevention, control and reduction of safety, health and ergonomic risks and environmental pollution
  • Optimal use of recyclable materials and energy
  • Establishing a healthy and safe work environment in accordance with environmental standards
Business Ethics:
  • Cost management and efficiency improvement with a view to reducing cost price while maintaining and promoting the quality of products
  • Optimal financing in line with the interests of the company 
  • Achieving more share in the market through optimal planning of free production capacities
  • Constant improvement in line with the excellence and prosperity of organization
  • Establishment of structured green supply chain and optimal management of suppliers and moving towards self-sufficiency 
Social Liability:
  • Safety of personnel and assets
  • Improvement of efficiency and development of human resources
  • Organizing and improving decision and operation management in the work environment through implementation of modern management systems
  • Adopting non-discrimination policy on gender, ethnicity and religion and balance between work and life
  • Protecting and encouraging personnel in various cultural, social, artistic, sporting, charitable and other activities
  • Establishment of human resources management systems and regulations such as organizational regulations and principles, organizational hierarchy, fight against administrative corruption, money laundry, etc.
  • Full support of personnel against improper behaviors and contacts within the organization as well as disclosure policy
This policy reflects full commitment and attention of the company directors to integrated management. The responsibility for implementation, execution and maintenance of this system shall rest with the representative of company management. All personnel are committed to render full cooperation with the representative towards implementation and establishment of the system and make every effort for achieving the prescribed goals.
Morteza Mohammadi
Managing Director