About Mehrcampars

About Mehrcampars Co. (MCP)
Mehr Cam Pars Co. was established in 1990 in Tehran as a design and engineering company for auto trim and polymer parts. MCP joined automotive manufacturing industry by production of Peugeot 405 bumper and Paykan dashboard for IKCO automotive group. In less than three years and with a considerable jump, MCP became a company with high engineering capabilities in quality production and development of big projects thus IKCO Industrial group delegated production of bumper, dashboard, door panel, HVAC system and seats for several cars to MCP.
MCP highlights
● 1996: Production of Peugeot 405 HVAC system

◊ Equipped injection exterior paint salons with manual paint cabins for polymer parts

◊ Land expansion of southern site for development of operation and production
● 2002
◊ Starting operation of robotic paint line start for polymer parts  

● 2004
◊ Joining stock market and change to a public company
◊ Inauguration of MCP Kermanshah site start with aims of job creation and production of wire sets and small parts of HVAC system
● 2005
◊ Obtain 16949 ISO:
TS quality management system license from IMQ-Italy
◊ Production of interior and exterior assembly and trim parts of Peugeot 206 hatch back and sedan dashboard, bumper, door panel and HVAC system
◊ Inauguration of MCP Khorasan site to supply interior and exterior trim parts   for Khorasan Irankhodro Co. 
◊ Production of Tondar 90 (Renault Logan) trim parts including bumper, door panel, and HVAC system for Reno Pars Co.  
◊ Ranked 43 in IMI-100 listing of top 100 companies 
◊ Inauguration of trim parts assembly line of Peugeot 405 and Pars including dashboard, bumper and seat in Khorasan site of Irankhodro Co. and becoming the major supplier of this company 
◊ Obtain permanent license in Research and Development(R&D) management from ministry of industry and mine        
● 2007:
◊ Production of bumper, radiator grill and exterior finishing strips for Samand Soren
◊ Production of painted bumpers Peugeot SLX(Peugeot 405 improved model) and GLX
◊ First export of Tondar 90 parts to Russia

● 2008:
◊ Received award of excellence for commitment to organizational development in the sixth convention of productivity and organizational excellence (EFQM)
◊ Received award of best producer in auto parts in the sixth national production festival
◊ Received award of quality for auto seat production in fifth national quality award ceremony
◊ Operation of Peugeot 206 seat headrest production based on IN-SITU technology in seat production line
● 2009:
◊ Received  national award of productivity and organizational excellence in 7th manufacturing festival
◊ Mass production of dashboard and console equipped with double air bags for Samand Soren
◊ Inaugution of air bag test center in laboratory and dashboard robotic scoring machine in production line
● 2012:
◊ Supply of 90 percent of consuming raw material domestically for production of products; towards self-efficacy
◊ Production of Runna seat, bumper and radiator grill
◊ Commissioning external polymer parts production line for ISACO Co.
◊ Obtain ISO14000 and OHSAS18001 in environmental activities framework
◊ Production of Samand dashboard equipped with double air bags
● 2015:
◊ Production of bumpers for Dena
◊ Received 17025 standard license for the laboratory from the national standard organization
◊ Assembly of Hyma automobile bumpers
● 2016:
◊ Design and production of new seat for Peugeot 405 and bumper for Peugeot 207
● 2017:
◊ Establishment of MCP Khorasan site as major supplier of Irankhodro Khorasan
◊ Obtain automobile quality management system certificate known as IATF 16949:2016 from IMQ-Italy for organizational excellency and improvements
◊ Production of dashboard and bumper parts for Peugeot Pars in Kermanshah site
2018 :
◊ Awarded grade A from SAPCO Co.
◊ Establishment of the largest plastic and polymer parts paint line in west of Iran (Binalood industrial town, Khorasan Razavi province)

◊ Localization of more than 70 types of raw materials and parts to produce plastic and polymer trim products via teamwork cooperation between Mehr Cam Pars and knowledge companies, petrochemical companies and Esfahan industrial university  
◊ Received triple star appreciation award in the sixth Irankhodro Co. human resources excellency award